Process plant

Food Safety: because your security is our objetive, we maintain high and stricts safety controls, supported by different internal audits and certifications (BRC AA, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL).

Quality Process: we are strict in the acceptance of the raw material, because good raw material, accompanied by an excellent process, makes an excellent product.

  • Sizing in stages (SS): For greater accuracy of the calibers
  • Pesticide check
  • Detection of foreign matters
  • Triple washing of the raw material
  • Check of sorbate levels every 10 minutes
  • Online control every 5 minutes
  • Less layers of tenderized (LLT): For an homogenius product)
  • Original Ashlock® Machines
  • Metal detection
  • Microbiology Laboratory

First Level Team: because the product is made by machinery, but machinery is controlled by people, our team is our most valuable asset.